Zombie Go Ballistic

Zombie Go Ballistic

Zombie Go Ballistic

Kua Fu Games
- December 23, 2014
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“Zombie Go Ballistic”  is a tower defense game where the attackers are ZOMBIES! There’s only one rule in “Zombie Go Ballistic”, survive and become the savior of the New World. Pollution and human greed led to the destruction of the environment and the creation of Zombies. Now they’re hungry and almost driving humanity to extinction, unless you will be able to defeat them all by protecting the last stand.

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Product Description

Zombie Go Ballistic: Rampage. If you’re a tower defense/zombie fan these are the features that will get you addicted:

  • Dozens of super weapons were unlocked so you can choose anything from a simple shotgun to a small nuclear bomb or lasers
  • Multiple heroes to play with, each with their own skills and unique talents (12 skills and over 60 combinations)
  • Hundreds of different levels grouped in 4 play modes that are available for free
  • Exciting battle system and easy gameplay, simply tap to choose a direction for shooting or select a skill to cast mayhem
  • Great graphics and soundtrack with an Arcade touch and lots of zombie variations to fight against


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