- December 8, 2014
Andriod 2.3 and up +


TooTooNi is a mega-educational pack that combines 20 different children games into one. Each game included in the TooTooNi suite features cute, colorful, cartoon-ish art and lively sound effects. The user interface is specially designed to allow kids to explore and enjoy the games on their own while learning new things.

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Product Description

Here’s an overview of TooTooNi’s major features:

  • Draw the tracks, a game where kids have to drag their fingers on the screen to create a train track, road or airway over the on-screen scenery, then watch the scene animate
  • Building blocks, where kids have to pick-up and place various shapes to create houses, trains, etc
  • Match the pairs, in which kids tap on the screen to reveal pictures and practice their memory my matching pairs
  • Water/Finger paint games, that allows kids to color the canvas using various colors from the palette (or revealing colors when water-painting)
  • Picture puzzle game, where they can reassemble scrambled pictures by dragging the tiles and a connect the dots game
  • Music room allows them to hear sounds made by various cartoon characters (trains, cars, planes)
  • Other games such as scratch the cards, blackboard writing, maze solving or counting
  • Easy toddler-lock button to prevent your kids from exiting the game and opening something else.

The five new games that will be unlocked with your promo code are: Blocks 2, Reversi, 4 in a row, Tic Tac Toe, Slide Puzzle.

The game is available as a full version on Google Play for $2.99 or as a free version limited to 5 out of 20 games.


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