This Is Not a Test

Robot Monster Productions
- February 6, 2015
Andriod 4.2 and up +


This Is Not a Test is a post apocalyptic graphic novel gamebook that pits your survival skills against the mayhem of doomsday as a strange death gas threatens humanity. Create your fate by choosing your own path through the doomsday simulation — the choices you make will unlock new paths in your quest for survival — that is, if they don’t leave you dead in the chemical wasteland. Your selection of skills, the items you scavenge, and the survivors you bring will unlock possibilities and set you racing to survive the mayhem of doomsday!

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Product Description

This Is Not a Test is a mutation between a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-styled comic book and an RPG-like survival game. All graphics are hand-illustrated by comic artist Jeff Edwards, in a gritty, post-apocalyptic style with a truly unique feel.

The writing is blunt, pulpy, and cruel, hurling you into the skin of a victim racing for survival in the final moments of humanity. Here’s what else will captivate you about the game:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure Style: “This is Not A Test” is a complex puzzle with a maze of different outcomes depending on your actions.
  • Choose Your Skills: Like a classic RPG, skills will be crucial on your quest for survival and will decide your future outcome.
  • Stash Gear For Later: Scavenge items to help you survive the doomsday event and gather an inventory.
  • Bring Others With You: Talk to other characters for details or convince them to join you against the mysterious death gas!
  • Do Good or Evil: Become a pillar of good, or help society crumble — it’s your choice to do right or wrong.


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