ShieldMeDS: Date Assistant

Booleantech Ireland Ltd
- June 3, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


With ShieldMe DS you will never need to give your mobile number out to anyone again. This app empowers women of today to decide who and when calls them. Also, if they no longer want to receive calls, ShieldMe DS gives its users the ability to deny access to anyone by simply deleting that contact.

Even if a deleted contact tries calling back, the app will ensure that the call will not get through. ShieldMe DS not only shields users’ phone numbers, it also shields their location using state of the art technology by preventing reverse number look ups. This app gives the control back to you.

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Product Description

ShieldMe DS lets you manage how and when your friends and other people you share your phone number with can call you. Just register using your real phone number ShieldMe DS will protect it religiously. After that define a time when you want to receive calls (only during this time interval phone calls from those you’ve added) and you’re safe to share your connection number via online dating websites.

Your real phone number cannot be discovered since a connection number (generated by ShieldMe DS) will show up when they try to call or do a reverse number check.

Here are the main features in ShieldMe DS:

  • Privacy is NO. 1. An unique number will be generated each time you add a new possible date/friend and they will receive an SMS where they can call. Your real phone number won’t be seen by them at all, thus it’s 100% protected.
  • Set Call Times. You will receive calls from the contacts/dates you’ve added only during the hours you’ve specifically set up when configuring the app. If they try to call you outside that interval, they won’t be able to do so.
  • Address Book. You can add as many contacts to your address book as needed, thus you can share a different connection number with every possible date you have. It’s easy to remove/block them too.
  • Caller ID. You always know how is calling you using the app’s Caller ID feature. However your dates/friends cannot do a reverse phone number lookup on you.
  • Unlimited Calls. With ShieldMe DS you get unlimited talk time (no charges) and crystal clear calls (works seamlessly on 2G – 3G – 4G LTE or any network).


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