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Rounds is a live communication platform that makes it fun & easy to talk with your friends and family. It basically offers instant group video chat on your mobile device, be it Android or iOS-powered.

With Rounds you can communicate by sending text messages, start video chats with up to 12 participants (some of us have large circles of friends) and do fun activities in the meantime (watch videos, play games, share photos).


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Product Description

Why use 5 different apps to do the same thing that Rounds can do by itself? Rounds is the next-generation communication app but don’t trust us on this, test it for yourself and you’ll be delighted.
If you’re thinking, well there’s Viber/Skype/Whatever, just read what Rounds has to offer that differentiates it from the competition:

  • Free Voice/Video Chat. With Rounds you can have unlimited video and voice chat conversations via 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi so you can talk for how long you need with your friends or family.
  • Socially Connected. You can log-in with Facebook and instantly connect with your friends or invite your Mobile Contacts and Whatsapp connections
  • Group Video Chat. You can start video conferences and group video chat sessions with your friends via any Android device
  • Fun Games & Activities. During conversations you can play games with your friends (Candy Crush-like Jungle Bungle, Tetris -like Sky Tumble, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon and much more). Aside games you can also watch videos together, take snapshots, share photos & more.
  • Free Calls & SMS. Save money with free international video calls to other Rounds members and also send free text messages.


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