REAkT: Brain Test

REAkT: Brain Test

REAkT: Brain Test

David Johansson
- September 9, 2014
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


REAkT is a reaction game with single and multiplayer play modes. Are you quick enough for this reaction game? Then install it and challenge your friends to test your skills.

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Product Description

In REAkT you have to tap the main button as fast as possible, but only when it has a green color. As the color changes fast, you’ll have to be careful not to tap the blue color since you’ll get penalized and even worse, end the game if you tap the button when it shows a skull.
The game gives you bonus points depending on how fast you tap on the green button and even has multiplier bonuses based on correct consecutive fast taps. The more accurate your taps, the more points you get.
Here are some features that make REAkT an addictive reaction game:

  • Single- and Dual-player modes to test your own skill or challenge your friends for a reaction duel
  • Multi-player mode with random opponent or by friend invitation allows you to play with anyone online
  • Achievements when you reach certain goals if you play well
  • Your own rank updated after each play to reflect global high score position
  • Online high-score lists to show the most skilled players
  • Amusing timing and score system that tempts you to play “just one more time”
  • Background music and custom sounds with a retro style influence


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