Android Overkill

Think New Games
- December 10, 2014
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“Android Overkill” is a multi-player robot battle system where you can play against other real players. “Android Overkill” has a turn-based combat gameplay, where players take turns in giving attack/defense commands to their robots with the purpose of defeating their adversary. You start with a basic robot and upgrade it using in-game currency won during fights to become the most powerful Android in the network.

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Product Description

Here are some features that make “Android Overkill” appealing to RPG/turn-based combat gamers:

  • Upgradable robots. You start with a basic robot and work your way up to a more powerful one by upgrading its memory, CPU, mainboard and other attributes.
  • Gesture based fighting. “Android Overkill” features gesture based fighting where you draw a certain sign to have your robot perform a certain action (attack, defend).
  • Multi-player. After your robot reaches a certain rank you will be able to challenge and fight against other real players in the system.
  • Achievements. As the game progresses you’ll be able to unlock various achievements based on the goals your robot reaches.
  • Mini-games. “Android Overkill” has mini-games that you can play to earn money and use those to upgrade your robot for the real battles.


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