Mumble Bee

Jimmy Praet
- April 26, 2015
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


Mumble Bee is a great word puzzle game where you need to read a series of words out loud, to “hear” the solution. You may have played this kind of game before in the form of a board game (Mad Gab or Babble On).

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Product Description

This app has hundreds of original puzzles in English, French and Dutch. 100 puzzles per language are provided for free, additional puzzle packs can be purchased from within the app. Currently there are 600 extra English puzzles, 600 Dutch puzzles and 200 French puzzles available this way.

These are the main features of the game:

  • can be played alone or as a party game with friends and family
  • multi-level hints: by clicking the ‘bee’ you get the first hint: the category and the target language – by clicking the ‘bee’ once more, you get the word boundaries hint: for the sample puzzle above that would be [Chore S][tubble You] [Push]
  • hundreds of puzzles in English, French and Dutch
  • you can add you own puzzles with the built-in puzzle editor
  • local multiplayer ‘Quizmaster’ modus (Bluetooth or WiFi-Direct) where one device acts as the player (sees only the puzzle) and the other device acts as the ‘Quizmaster’ (sees the solution, and accepts the puzzle when the player has guessed it correctly). When the time has ran out you can switch roles and try to beat the score.


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