Moody Inc
- August 29, 2014
Andriod 3.0 and up +


“Moody” is an anonymous social network for sharing moods. Sure, Facebook lets you share a status, but it’s not an anonymous social network. This is where “Moody” fits in, this app will let you share your mood anonymously with others within your area. You log-in with Google+/Facebook, Moody detects your location and then you simply share a mood and see what others are feeling like doing in your area.

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Product Description

Moody – What’s Your Mood?

“Moody” is a fun app for those that are tired of intrusive social network apps, as it lets you share as few details as you want it to.
Here are some features that make Moody interesting:

  • Login with Google+ or Facebook, no need to create an account (you can also easily revoke access from the app)
  • Share moods with other people from your area anonymously (but you can include details in your mood if you want to)
  • Moods are available for 1 hour before they get removed by the system (so no worries for using it when drunk, moods get deleted)
  • You can try guessing moods from neighbors up to 30 meters or so (100 feet)


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