Mail Wise
4.0.3 and up


MailWise is a standard email application with a unique technology that cleans and arranges emails. You can always see the original emails you sent/received and can perform actions on individual mails (e.g. mark as read/unread, star etc.).

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Product Description

MailWise is based on a patent-pending algorithm that transforms messy emails into clean and clear conversations. It automatically cleans unnecessary header information, signatures and formatting to let you focus on what matters most, CONTENT.

Easily setup multiple email accounts including Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail,, Outlook, MSN, Gmail, GMX and IMAP accounts (multiple email accounts supported).

These are some of its unique features that set MailWise apart from competition:

  1. Smart aggregation of emails to conversations in a clear organized way that’s easy and comfortable for distraction-free reading.
  2. Clearing your emails from “noise” by hiding headers, signatures, formatting issues and more clutter.
  3. MailWise supports multiple accounts and all popular email clients such as Yahoo! mail, AOL,, Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange etc.
  4. Safe & Secure client side email app, as all data is stored locally on your device with no external server communication.

MailWise lets you read just what you need with the best conversation threads ever and is available for free on Google Play. It has many other features but the best way to figure out how MailWise does its magic is by watching the following trailer


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