Calorie Counter Macros

Calorie Counter Macros

Calorie Counter Macros

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- December 28, 2014
Andriod 3.0 and up +


Calorie Counter Macros (Ultrack) is a fast calorie counter to help with your weight reduction goals (if you have or need any). If you are serious about losing weight then you need an app to help you understand better what you eat and how many calories you get from each dish. “Ultrack” is the app that helps track calories and macros quickly, consistently and efficiently.

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Product Description

Once installed you’ll be able to create dishes out of your ingredients and log all caloric/macro content with a simple button tap. Here’s a list of features that “Ultrack” has that gets you closer to your weight-reducing goal:

  • Easily track calorie amount out of your dishes with a simple button tap. With “Ultrack” you can track each ingredient so in the end you know exactly how much calories a dish has.
  • Copy and paste nutrition facts you find on the internet and quickly create an accurate food database
  • C-Points or “Consistency Points” provide a day-to-day metric that allow you to see how well you are sticking to your goal in the long-run. They increase by one if you get close to you allocated amount at the end of the day, if not, they decrease by one.
  • NO internet, account, passwords, emails required or location data tracking required


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