Less Than 8


Have you been addicted to 2048 or Sudoku? Then Less Than 8 will become your new addiction. It is a fun and challenging numbers puzzle where the main goal is to fill all rows and columns on the play board with digits that add up to 8 in each direction.

The gameplay is very easy, the game shows a digit one at a time and you simply tap on the location of the 4×4 board where you want it placed. You win when on all lines and columns the sum of the existing digits is 8.

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Product Description

Here’s what makes “Less Than 8” a great numbers puzzle:

  • Clean UI, Simple Gameplay. You win if all rows and columns of a given 4×4 board add up to 8, simple as that. The game has a very clean interface that lets you focus on the gameplay and practice your logic rather than be distracted by fancy graphics.
  • Different Difficulty. You can play the game in Easy mode, with unlimited Undos and over-the-top protection (you can’t place a digit that makes a row/column exceed 8) or in Hardcore mode where no moves are blocked and there’s no Undo (when you exceed 8 game over).
  • Achievements and Leaderboard. Connect via Google Play Services to compare how fast you solved the puzzle with other players around the world and receive in-game rewards for reaching the game goals. You can also save your high-scores locally.
  • Game Music & Animation. Less Than 8 features in-game music and sound effects that can be turned-off if you find distracted. You can also disable the in-game animation as well and play in right or left handed mode.

“Less Than 8” is available for free on Google Play and also for iOS.


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