Kurosuke Adventure

Kurosuke Adventure

Kurosuke Adventure

- May 14, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 2.3 and up +


A game cannot be a game until it sounds interesting and adventurous. Everyday, lots of users are browsing through number of sites to get some best and quality games to pass their leisure time. And the Kurosuke Adventure is one such game by APPZIL having a warm welcome among the android users.

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Product Description

The Kurosuke Adventure powered by APPZIL is purely an adventurous game, which would delight the players with more excitement and eagerness while crossing each stage. It has a very positive feedback from its users with excellent start ratings added. Initially, the game involves a monster taking away the little habitants of village. The hero who returns back finds out a message about that and crosses various adventures collecting more treasures for gaining more power. Finally he reaches, saves his fellow people. Be aware! While you cross each point, you would be surprised with hidden treasures, which would make you even more excited.

  • You can find more than 10 characters inside the game and you are allowed to choose the one you want. The excitement here is that you can make your character stronger, powerful and better for saving your fellow people.
  • The most exciting part of this game starts with the pets. Yes, you can find more than 20 pets within the game helping the hero to achieve his goal. Each pet would be so cute and charming; never take them easy. Each will be having a story to tell in their charming voice and trust me; each story would help you cross each level in achieving your goal.
  • When analyzed deeply, you will be able to locate 40+ cards within, and these are nothing but the magical cards. Each card would give you intense ability. In the end of the game, I am sure that you would remember and thank these cards.
  • By linking to Google Play Game Service, you will be able to access 40 and above achievements. And each achievement would reward you with exciting scores, which would pump your level up.


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