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- April 30, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


Hide Secrets” is a smart app that allows users to hide everything they deem confidential on their smartphone. Not sure if you have something to hide or not? Try Hide Secrets, it is better to stay private!

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Product Description

With Hide Secrets you can hide important data from your smartphone (Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, Pictures, Videos & any kind of file) in the secret vault and also lock specific apps. It offers a 3-layer security that’s practically impossible to crack so your hidden data is truly safe (God forbid you forget the password though!).

Even better are the FAKE & ESCAPE PIN features. Basically you can instruct the app to fake being crashed or if you’re forced to open your data by entering an escape pin you can have it shown but data still hidden.

Here are the features that make Hide Secrets a standard in smartphone data protection:

  • Triple Layer Security. Hide Secrets has a password lock, a PIN lock and a pattern lock that can be all enabled at once. No one can crack the Z-type protection and access your data.
  • Secret Contacts, Call logs, Text Messages. Let’s say you have a “special someone” that you don’t want your other “special someone” to know. You can create a secret contact for him/her and all calls/text messages from/to those secret contacts would always be hidden and shown only in the protected vault.
  • App Locker. You can lock particular apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, …) so that they can be accessed only if the correct password/pin or pattern lock is entered.
  • Escape PIN. When this feature is enabled, if someone forces you to show your data or suffer the consequences, you can enter an escape PIN that will open the app but still keep the sensitive data hidden. Furthermore, you can enable a “fake crash” feature that will make others think the app crashed.
  • Invisible Mode. Hide Secrets can be made invisible by choosing to hide the app icon from settings, thus it won’t even show as installed. Even better, you can enable a feature to protect Hide Secrets which makes the app un-installable without the correct password.
  • Secret Everything. Aside contacts/call logs/SMS, with Hide Secrets you can also hide any type of file, videos, audio files, pictures, notes and anything else that’s storable on your smartphone.

Hide Secrets is the ultimate protection app for your sensitive data. We’re not here to judge what you hide and from whom you hide it, we’re here to make sure you are the only one getting access to your data. The app is available for free on Google Play ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tag.hidesecrets ), with a few of the above-mentioned features locked in the free version (but unlockable for a small fee).


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