Grow Some Balls

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iOS 6.0 +


The goal in “Grow Some Balls” is to actually fill, the smartphone screen that is, with balls. Tap and hold to grow the ball and do it again and again until the screen is 2/3 filled by your creations. However you have to be careful, as some bouncy spikes will destroy them if they’re still growing. So be careful not to bust your balls.

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Product Description

Here’s what makes Grow Some Balls a game to remember:

    • Its Name. You’ll not realize this now, but you’ll remember this game’s name for days to come and whenever you’ll be encouraged to grow a pair.
    • Its Gameplay. As memorable as the name is, the gameplay is actually above it. In each level you have to grow the balls until two thirds of the screen are filled, without being hit by a deadly spiky ball. You’ll be able to tilt your device to move your balls around.
    • Its Graphics & Sounds. When starting the game you can follow a short tutorial and then delve right into the game. Its graphics are beautifully-simple (or simply-beautiful) to allow you to focus on your balls. And the sounds match the mood.
    • It’s time to brag. Depending how well you do on each level you’ll get a score, the higher the better. It was never a better moment to brag to your friends that your balls are actually bigger, level-by-level.
    • It’s free on Google Play and there’s a version for iOS too, although the balls were designed to grow bigger on Android.

So now’s your chance to see if the game matches its slogan “the Bigger the Better”!


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