Galactic Hero

Clockwatchers Inc
- February 8, 2015
Android 2.3 and up +


“Galactic Hero” is an epic match 3 puzzle adventure where your role is to be the guardian of the galaxy and battle alien invaders by matching three or more gems, jewels or alien artifacts in a row. As this star saga unfolds, you will need to improve your matching strategy as your alien challengers become smarter and more powerful as you travel deep into space. Along the way you will engage enemy aliens in laser gun battles, mine colorful gems and jewels on distant planets and race alien spaceships through space gates and portals.

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Product Description

“Galactic Hero” is the perfect match 3 game for those that want a turn-based space strategy and here are some of the features to prove it:

  • Easy gameplay, match three jewels, gems or artifacts in a row to score points and try to destroy as fast as possible your intelligent alien opponent
  • Beautiful space-themed graphics and art reminiscent of the retro Arcade space games
  • Fun and rewarding missions to complete to acquire gold coins and gems
  • Collect gold coins and buy various upgrades that boost space mine damage or increase gem mining efficiency to help on your quest of winning the stars war
  • Earn 100 Google Play leaderboard points for each new space gate you unlock and show off to your friends who is the ruler of the galaxy
  • You can see it in action here:


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