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Digital Chaperone

Digital Chaperone

Innovation Squad Ltd
- June 23, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 4.0 and up +


Digital Chaperone is an app that helps parents protect their children from cyber bullying, exposure to violent or untimely material and online predators. Digital Chaperone needs to be installed and registration complete on the parent phone first and after that the children phones to be monitored.

Once you’ve paired the child’s devices you can remotely manage the apps, set time outs and even see their location. Your child will be aware that the app is installed and will even receive requests to uninstall apps (instead of being forced) thus maintaining trust in the relationship with your child.

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Product Description

Here is a list of features that makes this app a perfect choice if you want to help protect your child online:

  • Remote App Management. Digital Chaperone allows you to manage & supervise the apps installed on your children’s Android devices. You can access the list of apps remotely and approve/disallow the usage of any app.
  • Easy Monitoring. You can add multiple devices and monitor them from the parents phone. This way you can ensure the digital protection of your entire family.
  • Child Locator. With this app you are able to see the exact location of your child on a map. Furthermore, if your child is in danger he can press a panic button and notify you.
  • Study Time. It’s easy for your children to be distracted when studying, thus you can set a “time out” remotely during which the apps on their devices won’t be accessible.

Digital Chaperone offers peace of mind by helping you control what your child is exposed to and allow you to intervene when your child needs you.

The app is available for free on Google Play, with an iOS version soon to follow.


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