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- May 30, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 5.0 and up +


DemoMan is a simple app that lets you manage your least used apps, aka helping you figure which apps you barely use and should be uninstalled. The less apps you have, the faster you find what you need and … you guess, SAVE TIME.

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Product Description

DemoMan is the simplest yet efficient app manager you’ll use. Here is the succinct list of features. DemoMan offers to help you figure out what apps you should keep and which ones you should discard:

  • Easy to Use. With DemoMan you can easily find your least used/launched apps and uninstall them with a single tap. Keep the useful ones, discard the time-wasters.
  • Fast Install. DemoMan installs blazing fast and after that you only need to run it for a few moments to figure out what you need to uninstall.
  • Smart Scan Engine. Unlike other similar apps on Google Play, DemoMan doesn’t need to run for days to figure out which apps you actually use. It uses a smart scanning engine to figure out way faster what you can uninstall.
  • Material Design. The app’s dashboard is incredibly simple to swipe through and rigorously implements the material design guidelines to keep you focused on what you need to do, manage your apps.


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