CowCat Jump

- August 15, 2014
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“Cow Cat Jump” is a fun side-scrolling platform game. In “Cow Cat Jump” the protagonist is Oscar, a loveable cat whose fur resembles the Holstein cow pattern (that’s where the name comes from too). His friends are sick and the only way to cure them is by finding a flower with holistic properties, the only problem being that it’s found around a dangerous volcano. Oscar has to dodge invincible enemies (such as dogs and flying fireballs) but it can destroy others by jumping on them.

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Product Description

Here’s an overview of what this game offers:

  • Simple gameplay, tilt the device left/right to move Oscar and swipe up/down to jump or open surprise boxes
  • 20 different levels that vary in difficulty, from ones that only take 30 seconds to complex ones that will kill your cat very fast
  • Integration with Google Play Services allows saving your scores online and comparing them with your friends
  • Lovely graphics with a hint of retro for those that like Super Mario type of games


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