Color Photo Edit

Orbit Software
- September 6, 2014
Andriod 3.0 and up +


“Color Photo Edit” for Android is a photo editor app with more than 80 color effects.

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Product Description

With “Color Photo Edit” you can create awesome photos with a single tap in less than one second. A plethora of color effects and tools will allow you to generate fantastic pictures, limited only by your imagination.

Color Photo Edit is a great photo editor and easy to use with features that make it a premium app for a price you can’t argue with (free):

  • More than 80 color effects to choose from, anything you could think of from atmosphere to lava, pixelate, popsicolors or even cartoons
  • Layer tool that lets you “stitch” images using 12 different blend modes or even create your own collages
  • Rotation tool that allows you to flip or rotate the images
  • Text tool that allows you to add messages using various types and styles of fonts
  • Save your photos with different resolutions, from low 1 Megapixels (to be shared on the web in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to 12 Megapixels (full high resolution).”Color Photo Edit” is free and available for both Android and iOS ( ).


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