Ckure Mobile Inc.
January 7, 2015
Andriod 4.0 and up +


Ckure is the solution to avoid the frustration and helplessness motorists feel when stranded on the road as the result of an accident, or when having a flat tire or even a towing service. The name means to “cure by seeing” and being secure at the same time.

Because that’s what Ckure does, whenever you need help it will connect you with service providers in immediate vicinity and as a result you’ll get lightning fast service

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Product Description

Here’s a list of Ckure’s main features:

  • Real-time help. Ckure will allow you to send a notification to multiple service providers instantly and also notifies you of their location. You will choose which provider to pick so help is one tap away.
  • Smart assistance. Ckure uses an intelligent system to send out distress signals to service providers in the area and you’ll pick the service provider that suits you best. The service providers compete for your business and you have the choice.
  • Save lives. You can report road hazards and alert fellow motorists of potential dangers on the road (broken brake lights, debris, accidents or other road hazards). You’ll also be notified instantly if your vehicle was reported as having problems.
  • No subscription fees. Why pay a monthly fee for a service that you’re not using when you could only pay for the exact time when you actually need a service. Ckure doesn’t have an annual fee, just you pay for the service only when needed.

Ckure works with all service providers in the area, not just a single network, this way you enjoy the peace of mind of a traditional auto or club membership and pay for the service only when you use it. Currently it works only in Canada (best coverage in Greater Toronto Area) but we’ll soon be expanded.


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