- November 5, 2014
Andriod 3.0 and up +


Frustrated by how politicians ignore important matters I decided to take matters into my own hand and created “Callitics” is a new smartphone app that brings disruptive technology to politics to get America back on the right track.

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Product Description

Callitics: for all your issues

126 million Americans voted in the last elections, so imagine what would happen if voters had the platform to organize and place calls to their political representatives on important matters such as net neutrality, gun control and so on. That’s what Callitics is about, this app empowers voters to speak directly to power on the Congressional, the state, or the local level.
Anyone can now organize their own political phone call campaign easily and for free with Callitics and these are the features that make it possible:

  • Pre-programmed phone numbers for local, state, national representatives
  • Create your own viral call campaign for a particular cause that involves placing calls on the local, state or national level
  • Support call campaigns created by other users with the same ideology as yours that were suggested automatically by the app
  • Play the Callitics game by participating in viral call campaigns or create your own to see what idea is the most popular
  • Share your call campaign via social networks and invite your friends to sustain your cause


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