Block Tile Puzzle: Tetris Reinvented

Block Tile Puzzle: Tetris Reinvented

Block Tile Puzzle: Tetris Reinvented

Frozen Yocode
July 25, 2015
Android 4.0 and up


Block Tile Puzzle is a game that retains some of the original Tetris gameplay but adds a completely different way of handling the tiles and gameboard.

Block Tile Puzzle is a super-addictive game where the goal is to clear as many blocks as possible and achieve the highest score before there’s no more free space left on screen. You have a 12×12 grid and you must place the random sequences of block tiles with the purpose of creating a horizontal or vertical line of 12 full blocks without any gaps.

The more lines you clear at once, the higher the score multiplier. This game is reminiscent of Tetris but reinvents the way you interact with the tiles.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make Block Tile Puzzle highly addictive:

  • Easy Gameplay. It features a simple gameplay (Tetris-style) but it is challenging to actually achieve a high-score. The goal is to clear as many full lines at once to get the highest score multiplier, though if you overdo it you’ll end up with a full space board and game over.
  • Simple Controls. Incredible easy to move the tiles, just tap on the random shape and drag it wherever you find a good spot to fill. Each tile is randomly generated using a smart algorithm to make gameplay more interesting.
  • Reward System. You receive points for each dropped block and a higher score when you clear full lines. This way you can enter the leaderboards and compare your score to your friends’, plus receive achievements for various goals.
  • Themes. There are two themes to choose from, by default a dark one is used but you can easily switch to a light one if you feel it suits your eyes better.
  • Graphics & Sounds. Graphics are incredibly clean with sleek animations that allow you to focus on the game itself.

With “Block Tile Puzzle” there’s no rush as in the original Tetris game, the focus is on calculating the tile placement to clear as many full lines as possible in a single move.


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