YoAccess (Free WiFi)

YoAccess (Free WiFi)

YoAccess (Free WiFi)

YoAccess Technology Solutions
Andriod 4.1+


YoAccess is practically a social WiFi app, one that helps people discover, share and connect to public & community WiFi hotspots, worldwide.

Enjoy seamless connectivity without remembering any passwords as you open the app and discover all the hotspots near you in a Google Maps overlay.

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Product Description

Some hotspots have special offers & promotions from local stores that you can benefit from. YoAccess keeps you notified whenever your phone connects/disconnects to a YoAccess hotspot and also how many people you’ve helped daily by sharing a hotspot.

Main Features:

  • Free wi-fi, worldwide. YoAccess is a network of free WiFi spots created by users, for users. Thus you can find free blazing fast WiFi hotspots anywhere across the globe and reduce your mobile data bill drastically.
  • No passwords. YoAccess gives you seamless connectivity to hotspots created by others. Say goodbye to passwords as you connect automatically to the nearest hotspots.
  • Social Wi-Fi. You can easily sign-up using Facebook or Google+ and once you’ve confirmed your phone number you can share public & community Wi-Fi spots too. This way you help the network grow.
  • Exciting offers. Whenever you connect to a local WiFi hotspot you get access to promotions and local in-store specials. This is useful especially when you’re traveling as you get the opportunity to discover new places & get discounts.

YoAccess is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from free worldwide WiFi. You can see a video demo below on how to share a WiFi hotspot with YoAccess:

Do you use YoAccess and would like to share your opinions about it? Then feel free to drop a comment with your YoAccess review and help others decide if it’s suitable for them.