World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

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Android 4.0.3+


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Product Description

Do you remember that Minigun from Terminator, the one that torn everything to pieces? Or a particular gun from Doom? Or for that matter do you know how a Ducatti works? You can find out with World of Guns, the most realistic 3D simulator of guns, cars, tanks & even skeletons. You’ll be able to disassemble any gun to it’s smallest piece (and there are some that have 90+ parts) and then re-assemble just for the fun of it. Find out how pistols, rifles, machine guns and even artillery pieces work with amazing dynamism and unparalleled camera controls.


  • Android’s most powerful & realistic interactive encyclopedia of guns and other items, all in 3D. You can literally get inside a gun and see how it works.
  • A vast library of over 160 items and 20,000 parts. You are guaranteed to find a gun that raises your interest: Glocks, P90s, M4s and Tavors; Colt SAAs, Garands and Lee-Enfields; AKs to the rarest VSS Vintorez; M134 Minigun; .22 sporting Ruger or a mighty .55-caliber Boys Anti-Tank rifle
  • Various game modes. Tutorial mode for learning the gun, handling it and field stripping. An armorer mode that lets you disassemble the firearm and then re-assemble it. Finally, timed game modes, including a hardcore mode and a high scores table.
  • Watch guns in the tiniest detail. Control the camera that shows the gun with incredible features such as a layered X-Ray mode, a Cutaway mode, along with complete time control including a slow-motion feature down to 50x. The best part is you’ll get to see gasses flow inside a gas block!
  • 10 shooting ranges. This will let you practice with your gun based on timed objectives.
  • Gun customizations. You can enable the paint mode that lets you create custom weapon skins.
  • Games. Enable minigames to do a gun quizz, daily gun puzzles and gain XP points while doing that.
  • Unparalleled realism. World of Guns has been used (and still is) as a learning tool by military/law enforcement personnel, because of its incredible realism. The team spends months analyzing each model and creating it down to the smallest detail.

World of Guns is available for free on Google Play and even if it has IAP, a power player can unlock every gun and even the premium items without the need to purchase. So this falls under the “honest IAP” niche.