Wordgenuity What Words

Android 4.0+


Wordgenuity: What Words is a game that combines Trivia questions with Word Jumbles to offer an unique puzzle gameplay.

Unlike other Trivia games, you are asked 3 questions in every puzzle and must find the answer to each by using the given letters.

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Product Description

You don’t get penalized if you give the wrong answer, and there is no time limit. With 500 puzzles (and counting), you won’t get bored for sure – the ultimate goal is to get the highest possible score.

Main Features:

  • Word trivia puzzle gameplay. A trivia game with a twist, every level has 3 questions and you must guess the correct answer for each. Use all provided letters.
  • Aside from having fun you will practice your vocabulary, spelling and exercise your brain’s “general knowledge”. The game has no time limit, no penalties and joyful graphics, so suitable for kids as well.
  • Hundreds of puzzles, 1500+ trivia questions.
  • Some of the questions may be difficult. Hints are available when needed to prevent you from getting stuck.
  • Great for people looking to keep their minds sharp.

“Wordgenuity: What Words” is available for free on Google Play.