Weatherback: Weather Live Wallpaper

Weatherback: Weather Live Wallpaper

Weatherback: Weather Live Wallpaper

Andrew Ou
Android 5+


Never get bored of your wallpaper again!

With Weather Live Wallpaper you can add amazing weather effects to your FAVORITE wallpapers and transform them into live weather wallpapers. Each live effect follows the real-time weather forecast data, thus you’ll know in a glimpse if it’s time to bring an umbrella or a sun cap. Dozens of live effects, from snow/rain drops to clouds/thunder strikes, will change your wallpaper into a home screen weather forecast.

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Product Description

Weather Live Wallpaper is the perfect solution to transform boring static wallpapers into dynamic live ones that show accurate weather data.You can even customize the live effects to be more intense (i.e. more clouds) or dimmed down a bit. You can see it in action in this quick demo:


  • Weather forecast. The app accurately forecasts weather conditions using satellite data and patented algorithms. Be prepared to start your day knowing what the weather will be like.
  • Live weather effects. See the weather prognosis right on top of your existing wallpaper background. It will “come to life” with snow/water drops, ice and many more effects depending on the real-time weather data.
  • Customizable weather effects. Dozens of customizable live effects are included for every possible weather conditions. From sunny to icy, from daylight to night, your wallpaper will never be the same
  • Low battery usage. Weather Live Wallpaper was optimized so that it has an extremely low battery usage. You’ll barely notice any battery consumption.