Unblock Websites: Free VPN Proxy Browser

Unblock Websites: Free VPN Proxy Browser

Unblock Websites: Free VPN Proxy Browser

Android 5+


Do you value your browsing anonymity? With Unblock Websites that’s exactly what you get, a truly anonymous mobile browsing experience. It uses VPN proxies to keep your browsing anonymous while also bypassing content restrictions and allowing you to access any website in the world.

Is a particular social media site blocked by your company/institution/country/school? No worries, with Unblock Websites that blocked site is just one tap away.

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Product Description

Are you in Europe and Netflix/Hulu blocks your access due to country restrictions? With Unblock Websites you can access those as being from the US, while your true IP is never revealed. Unblock Websites is a browser based app and all traffic is routed through free proxy VPN servers all around the world – you can easily switch between each location (i.e. USA, Canada, Netherlands and more to be added).

Main Features:

  • Unblock ALL Websites. Easily unblock any website, no matter if your country/company/institution filters or restricts sites. Bypass all content restrictions and access any social media site (i.e. Youtube), adult sites, video streaming sites (i.e. Netflix, Hulu) and more with Unblock Websites.
  • 100% Unlimited & Free. There are lots of VPN/proxy services that promise unrestricted access, however most charge a fee or have limitations. With Unblock Websites there are no bandwidth caps or speed limitations so it’s 100% free (only shows some occasional ads).
  • Full Privacy. With Unblock Websites you browse any site in a truly incognito mode. There’s no tracking and everything is deleted when you exit the app (i.e. cookies, history). Furthermore, all connections are secure and entirely anonymous, thus no one will be able to track your browsing history.
  • Choose Proxy Location. Browse anonymously while hiding your real IP using the built-in VPN proxy. By default it will use an US-based proxy, but you can choose your own proxy from other worldwide locations (i.e. France, Netherlands). This is helpful when bypassing certain country restrictions.
  • Easy to use. Unblock Websites is very easy to use. Just open the app and start searching/browsing the Internet. There’s no intermediary steps or things to configure. Unlike other proxy services, with it you’ll get a blazing fast browsing speed.