Igor Polivanyi

TouchyNotes is a free app that allows you to keep your private photos, notes, passwords, phone contacts and bookmarks away from prying eyes!

This app is full of features that NO OTHER app can provide. For example, you can enter your passcode without worrying about anyone looking over your shoulder. This feature is unique and based on patent-pending technology (SPINT), developed specifically for TouchyNotes app.

How is TouchyNotes different from similar apps?

There are several popular approaches to protect your login steps: using screen draw patterns and picture unlock features, making the login numeric pad look like a calculator, applying self-adhesive privacy screen protectors, etc. All these methods have a common and serious drawback: if a malicious observer sees your screen when you are unlocking your device or logging in to a sensitive app, the wrongdoer can repeat your login steps and access your information. With TouchyNotes, you can enter your passcode without worrying about anyone looking over your shoulder. No other app (!) can provide such a level of protection, which makes TouchyNotes a must have application for anyone who really wants to keep his or her data private.

Product Description

TouchyNotes also lets you check your sensitive information in a stealthy way, without revealing much of your data to those around you.

Worried about people with smart glasses and other gadgets that have video cameras? TouchyNotes offers a solution!

The application is completely offline, which means none of your data ever crosses the boundaries of your device, unless you export it yourself.

TouchyNotes also prevents malware from stealing your password and gaining access to your data.

With TouchyNotes, you can:

  • Keep your personal photos private
  • Store photo copies of your sensitive documents (i.e. driver’s license, health insurance cards, etc.)
  • Keep photo copies of your travel documents (i.e. passports, visas, etc.)
  • Store a list of hints about your PINs and passwords
  • Keep your notes and professional ideas safe
  • Store and browse your sensitive website bookmarks
  • Keep and operate your private phone contacts in a protected way
  • Store emails that include personal/business data
  • Maintain a list of private contacts

All data stored in TouchyNotes is 100% private. Only you have access to your photos and texts. We will never upload your data to our severs, and we have no ability to remotely access your files.