600 TOEIC Vocabulary

600 TOEIC Vocabulary

600 TOEIC Vocabulary

Andriod 2.2 and up


Since the 80s organizations used the “Test of English for International Communication” (TOEIC) test to hire, place and promote employees. 600 TOEIC Vocabulary is an app that covers the essential dictionary words that anyone should know for passing the TOEIC test. The list of words were carefully selected by language experts & teachers and if these are mastered the chances of a successful TOEIC test pass are high.

Each of the 600+ words in the vocabulary comes with a full definition and details from the Oxford dictionary and you can use the in-app tests to see how well you mastered learning those words. You’ll learn the words faster as the app uses different types of quizzes to make learning interactive.

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Product Description

Main Features:

    • 600+ Word vocabulary. Simply open the List Word and you’ll have quick access to 600+ words divided in 50 different categories that span every important domain (i.e. Marketing, Law, Economics, Medicine, …). Tap on each word to listen how it is pronounced and also read a detailed description.
    • Learn Words. Each word in the TOEIC dictionary can be easily learned. Just add that word to the learning dashboard and then when you are ready start practicing. The app will show you the order of the letters initially, but to have it fully learned you’ll need to practice writing it a couple times.
    • Train & Test your vocabulary. For an effective study you will need to test the newly learned words. There are 4 different types of tests you can take: type or choose a word based on its description or vice-versa, listen to a meaning and write the word. This lets you truly test your learning skills.
    • Daily New Words. The app will show a daily reminder on how you should study new words and also will give you the option to quickly learn 5 new words. You can change this number in the app settings and you can also enable an online spell-checker for the words you type.
    • Random Test. Every now and then (randomly) the app will ask some questions to check your vocabulary knowledge. A great quick study method to remember what you learned.