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Product Description

For parents it is a continuous struggle to find easy teaching solutions that offer more than the classic “by-the-book” approach. Super School is a suite of educational games that was created for parents eager to help their children learn while having fun in order to help them sharpen their minds. Not only that, but “Super School” is also a safe place for kids to play away from any other distractions, while obviously learning important skills such as learning shapes, the alphabet, spelling, solving puzzles and more. Here’s what makes “Super School” the perfect educational suite of games:

  • 50+ edugames. Super School covers the foundational knowledge a toddler or preschooler needs, grouped in more than 50 different games. From practicing handwriting, learning the alphabet, practicing spelling, counting numbers to learning time, there’s always something new (and fun) to do.
  • Audio books. Aside the educational games, you can induce the habit of reading to your kids by playing them a voiced ebook. Super School constantly includes new voiced ebooks for children to help them practice reading and discover captivating stories.
  • Classic nursery rhymes. Super School is suitable for calming toddlers as it includes classical nursery rhymes and also popular kids songs. From everyone’s favorite Old McDonald, to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Super School has it all.
  • Co-created with educators. While our experience helped, we constantly collaborate with early-learning educators that have more than 22+ years of experience when launching new educational games. Our goal is to help you teach your kids by combining fun with education.

Super School offer a variety of fun games while training different new skills, as well as nursery rhymes and kids songs. More than 91% of surveyed parents shared with us that Super School helped their kids improve language & math skills, so this gives us confidence that your kids will also love these entertaining and mind challenging games.