Stop the Bus

Crystal Squid
Android 2.3 and up+


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Product Description

That’s what Stop the Bus is, a spin-off for the classic card game played around the world, where the goal is to “stay on the bus” while playing cards with other real players or the AI. Up to 4 players must swap cards in order to get the maximum score before someone stops the bus. The lowest score loses a bus ticket (out of 3 available) and the last man standing with the highest score wins the game.

Play against the AI or try an awesome multiplayer mode where you either invite your friends or play against 1-3 nearby players (or auto-picked). Stop the Bus brings the fun from the playground into your Android device, it’s very simple to play, has a minimalist-yet-beautiful design and offers extensive stats.

Main features:

  • Classic Card Gameplay. The game follows the same classic gameplay of the Stop The Bus card game (also known as Bastard). Swap cards to get all the same suit with the biggest score, then ‘Stop the Bus’. Whoever is last loses 1 bus fare ticket, lose 3 to be “thrown” off the bus.
  • Play vs AI or Multiplayer. You can play Stop the Bus against the AI with up to 4 players. Choose a difficulty setting between Casual/Regular and Expert, then start the game. You can also challenge real worldwide users at a multiplayer game (nearby players or auto-picked by computer).
  • Leaderboards and achievements. Connect with your Google Play Services account to enable achievements and access the worldwide leaderboards. See how well you rank by difficulty of the game played, and get close to 30 different achievements from your first perfect 31 score to winning 100 multiplayer games.
  • Family friendly. Stop the Bus is a perfect choice for a great family evening game. Its classic 4-user gameplay, combined with an easy to use interface is a fun choice for the whole family. It also provides advanced statistics to successfully replace the classic scoreboard.

Stop the Bus is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from an awesome multiplayer card experience.