Splity: Brain Puzzle

Splity: Brain Puzzle

Splity: Brain Puzzle

Android 8+


Want to see how smart you really are? With Splity you can test your IQ and train your brain in a very fun way, by solving puzzles. There are 4 different modes to play in each with 230 levels so almost 900 fun puzzles.

Each puzzle presents a certain shape that you must then cleverly divide into equal parts. Stuck on a level? Use the hints to see what you should do (and trust me you’ll be stuck as puzzles get tougher).

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Product Description

Aside from the IQ testing part, with Splity you can also train your brain by solving visual geometry levels. However, if you do score high on the IQ testing puzzles, you can share your score with friends.


  • Test your IQ. Splity features intriguing puzzles that will help measure your IQ and see how smart you are. Furthermore, it includes several extra puzzles that help you train your brain.
  • Shape splitting gameplay. The idea in Splity is to split a given shape into several equal ones. Easy puzzles start with splitting in 3 shapes similar to Tetris, but the more you advance the more complex they get.
  • Hundreds of puzzles. You can play the game in 4 modes, ranging from Easy to Very Hard. Each mode has 30 main levels (for testing your IQ) and 200 extra levels for training your brain.
  • Minimalist design. Splity is designed with a minimalist theme to help you concentrate on the actual puzzles. It features a relaxing blue theme.
  • Share with friends. Scored high on the IQ-measure puzzles? Share your score with friends and challenge them to see who’s the smartest at visual geometry puzzles.

Splity is available for free on Google Play (truly free, no annoying ads, no purchases).