Space Jet: Online 3D space shooter

Denis Sidorov
Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Space Jet is one of the few realistic online 3D space battles where you pick up a spaceship and fight against other worldwide players. It’s everyone for itself! Start a mission, join a map and try to fulfill the mission goal to get the bonus that later can be invested in a spaceship upgrade.

Main Features:

  • Online Space Battles. In Space Jet you fight epic live 3D battles against friends or other worldwide players. It all happens realtime so join the fight and start shooting your lasers to destroy other enemy ships.
  • Choose your Spaceship. You can pick one of the 20 different available space ships, from Valkyries to the powerful Astra. The more money you invest in a ship, the more powerful it is as each has its own armor, engine, shield and shooting attributes.
  • Upgradeable Spaceships. You collect in-game gold and silver bars and those are used for powerful ship upgrades. Get a more powerful shooting laser with an autoloader, a better armor to survive longer, more powerful engine to fly faster or a better shield to deflect attacks.
  • Futuristic Space Maps. There are constantly hundreds of online players all you need to do is choose a map to join the fight. Get in a random space map or pick your own, from Aurora to Abyss or the Infinity, space is your last frontier in this epic battle.
  • Breathtaking Graphics. Each map has its own amazing 3D space elements and all ships look breathtaking. You can even customize each spaceship with 15 different camouflages to better blend with the environment.

Space Jet will captivate through its amazing 3D graphics, you’ll “feel” the infinity of space as you follow other spaceships or try to dodge their lasers: