Sharematic: Easy Photo Sharing

Sharematic: Easy Photo Sharing

Sharematic: Easy Photo Sharing

Fast Lane Innovations
October 19, 2015
Andriod 4.0 and up


Sharematic is a brand new way of sharing event photos with friends or via social media.  Whether you have an upcoming party, sporting event or important life event (wedding, new born baby) all you need to do is create your photo album and invite your friends, Sharematic will handle the rest. After the event photos will be synced automatically with the invitees and you can also share them via your social media accounts.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make Sharematic a perfect choice for sharing event photos:

  • Create & Share Albums. Log in via Facebook or sign-up for an account to easily create photo albums for your event (i.e. wedding, party, …). Once the album is created invite your friends and when you’ve finished taking photos for that particular event they’ll have access to the photos.
  • Share Events. Is your wedding soon approaching? Or another big event? Create an event with Sharematic and invite your friends to a collaborative photo album. The photos they’ll take and yours will be added automatically to the album when the event is over.
  • Social Media Share. If you love social media you can have your photo albums automatically shared on Facebook. Aside Facebook, you can also have your photo albums uploaded to Instagram or even Twitter after the event takes place.
  • Minimalistic Design. Sharematic makes photo sharing an easy process as it was designed with simplicity in mind. Just log-in, create or use an existing album, invite friends and you can go and enjoy your event without worrying about the photo album part.