Ruby Square

Android 4.0+


Ready for 700+ brain-teasing puzzles? Meet Ruby Square, a game that successfully transforms your smartphone into a digital Rubik-square.

The game is extremely easy to understand, on an up to 8×8 board you must rotate squares to match a certain pattern. The difficult part is doing this in as few moves as possible, below the world average.

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Product Description

Ruby Square sharpens your brain and helps you improve memory & concentration. It is ideal for players of all ages, as a fun way to practice your puzzle solving skills. You can see it in action here:

Main features:

  • Rubik’s cube puzzle gameplay. Ruby Square features a Rubik’s cube like puzzle where the goal is to match a targeted pattern by rotating blocks of squares on a shuffled board.
  • Hundreds of levels. The game currently has 8 different stages with various difficulties, each with 50 or 100 levels. In total no less than 700 puzzles to solve.
  • Various difficulties. Choose between Easy, Medium, Hard or Extreme levels, depending on how good you are. This increases the block size (between 4 and 16) and the board size (16 to 64 squares).
  • Compare scores. Each level shows the world average moves to solve it, so the goal is to try and use less moves to beat the world average. You can reset your progress and start over each level, you also get a ruby for each one solved.
  • Color blind friendly. Ruby Square uses a colorful palette that is colorblind thus friendly for those with impaired color vision. Ruby Square sharpens your mind, while relaxing your eyes.