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Ready to discover like-minded people? Meet Reweyou Forums, an app that lets you create and join groups based on your own interests. Join a group of topics to discover more information & get new ideas about what you are passionate about.

If you want to become the next Gordon Ramsay join a Cooking group, if you’re a freak about staying in shape join a Fitness group, and hundreds of other social hubs.

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Product Description

Forget about Facebook where you are bombarded with unrelated information, join a Reweyou Forum for a particular topic you want to discover more about and earn your expert badges.

Main features:

  • Discover like-minded people. Reweyou helps you discover users with the same interests collaborating on thematic groups. Discover groups of users passionate about Fitness, Cooking, Movies, Traveling and hundreds more.
  • Create your own groups. No matter what you’re passionate about you can create a Reweyou group for it. Pick a name, a cool image and start adding threads for other members to join the conversation. You set your own rules!
  • Follow your interests. Learn more about a particular interest by following that group. This way you’ll be notified when new information is shared and you’ll be able to join the discussion with other equally passionate users.
  • Become a guru. The more knowleadgeable you are for a particular topic, the more hadges you earn. Get badges by adding posts, comments and likes. Become an expert and others will adulate you!