Reflex Rage

E5 LAB Games
September 25, 2015
Andriod 4.0 and up


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Product Description

Bored while waiting for the bus, in the dentist’s office or for your wife to finish dressing (that’s going to be a while)? Or do you want to have some fun during your kill-times? This is why Reflex Rage is a great fit, it is a game that requires you to concentrate and test your reflexes.

It’s the type of good stress that helps you see what your reaction times are. All you need to do in the game is to react as fast as possible (by tilting or pressing a key) to the signs shown on screen in the correct manner and order but pressed by time running out.

Here are the features that make Reflex Rage a great game:

  • Simple Gameplay. Very simple gameplay, you are given a series of 3 signs and you must do as fast as possible the actions shown. However, be sure to follow the rules (i.e. for VIOLET signs do the opposite action) otherwise game over.
  • Clean UI. The game features clean material-like graphics that allow you to focus on the actual gameplay. During the game you are also accompanied by action sounds that make it easier to play (i.e. a tic-tac sound to know that time is running out fast).
  • Test Reflexes. This is not only a game but a test for your reflexes. It also combines two types of actions, tilting the device (left or right) or pressing something on screen (a letter or an arrow). Also, careful with the colors: RED means you do what’s shown, VIOLET means you do the opposite action and lastly ORANGE means you should ignore them.
  • Beat Yourself. Aside having fun and testing your reflexes, the purpose of the game is also to beat your own scores. Each time you reach a new highscore it will be recorded and that’s a new limit you must pass by in the next plays.

The game is available for free on Google Play.