Reanimation inc: Biomedical simulator

Reanimation inc: Biomedical simulator

Reanimation inc: Biomedical simulator

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Product Description

Are you interested in medical simulation games? If you are, Reanimation Inc is the game for you! It is a realistic biomedical simulator that allows you to practice on patients in critical conditions using real emergency conditions and diseases and protocols used in emergency situations. It’s an ideal game for doctors, paramedics, medical students and anyone that wants to learn & practice what ambulance doctors do.

Aside the practice part, Reanimation Inc includes a simplified but accurate theory system that explains almost all the actions performed by medical assistants, emergency paramedic and EMT workers. By playing it you will learn how a defibrillator actually works and use it many times, learn to test ventricular fibrillation, flutter, asystole, heart attacks, carry out resuscitation actions (i.e. CPR) and much more. The gained knowledge might help people without any medical background recognize life-threatening situations. You can experience the game briefly in this video:


  • Realistic BioMedical Simulator. Step into the role of an ambulance doctor and prevent your patient in critical condition from dying. Realistic first-aid biomedical simulation game with real disease challenges, medicines and actions.
  • Study Before Practice. You won’t be able to practice if you do not study first! There are several courses (5) that require passing an exam before going into action. Ideal for doctors, medical students, paramedics or simply medical enthusiasts.
  • Real Ambulance Protocols. We were advised by doctors, paramedics & ambulance workers when creating the simulator. It integrates 22 real diseases/states, 17 types of medicines and 8 actions (i.e. defibrilation, CPR, resuscitation).
  • 3D Graphics. Reanimation inc features a realistic anatomy and device of the body with amazing graphic quality and details. You also get to experience 3D models of ambulances and their contents.

Reanimation inc is the most realistic ambulance simulator that will allow anyone to experience what it means to work as a doctor on an ambulance. I was advised by doctors, paramedics, ambulance workers, EMT and I believe I succeeded in creating a realistic ambulance simulator.