RaydioActive: Radio & Podcast

RaydioActive: Radio & Podcast

Andriod 4.3+


RaydioActive lets you experience online radio & podcasts in an unique way. It would be great if you could try out the Raydio experience and publish a review on your website to help others discover the new radio-app in town!

RaydioActive is an app that helps you find and follow radio channels or online audio casters. As a team we focus on understanding the various moods of our users and surfacing the best audio content from South Asia and beyond. We hope to become the defacto place for South Asian voices to emerge and engage with their audience via alternative audio content.

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Product Description

Within the app, you can pick your favorite topics, channels or even popular podcasters and you’ll receive audio content directly on your phone in a personalized stream.

We help listeners engage with creators and build together engaged communities which can leave feedback, likes or even questions which the creators can pick up and answer.

Main Features:

  • Online radio, re-invented. With RaydioActive you can discover and follow unique online podcasters in local and regional languages (i.e. Hindi, English). Get fresh audio content delivered daily to your phone from popular podcasters in India, South Asia and worldwide.
  • Curated channels. Once signed-up you’ll be able to pick your favorite topics and RaydioActive will create a special audio stream just for you, with content from original/trending/curated channels.
  • Find and follow podcasters. From Rana’s Space to the best of Ted Talks, from History to Technology, you can find and follow popular radio channels and online podcasters to stay updated or get valuable insights in preferred topics.
  • Offline access. You can save audio content for later to enjoy it when you are offline. This way you can listen to it when commuting, running, taking breaks or at any point when you have some time.

With RaydioActive not only you can find all your favorite radio channels and topics, but also you can share those with your beloved ones.