Play and Learn SPANISH

Play and Learn SPANISH

Play and Learn SPANISH

SHIFT Interactive Pty Ltd
Andriod 4.2+


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Product Description

Play & Learn SPANISH is a language learning app that’s perfect both for kids and adults alike. It has hundreds of categorized flash cards with beautiful images that you use to learn Spanish words and their spelling. You can also have fun while testing the Spanish skills with mini-games such as the word quiz, memory match game or letter puzzle.

Main features:

  • Hundreds of flash cards. The app has multiple categorized packs each with its own set of flash cards thus hundreds of image – text associations to learn Spanish the fun way. Just select a pack and start learning from the flash cards.
  • Word quiz game. You are shown a series of images from the pack you choose and you must correctly tap on the image that matches the written word in Spanish. 3 levels of difficulty to test out your Spanish vocabulary while having fun.
  • Memory game. You can switch to a fun game that tests both your memory and Spanish language. From a set of 12 or 24 face down cards you must correctly pair them up 2-by-2 matching the Spanish translation of the element in the image with the actual image.
  • Letter puzzle. In a Hangman-like style you are shown an image and must arrange the given letters to form the Spanish word that describes what’s in the image. This mini-game has 3 levels of difficulty too based on your experience.

“Play & Learn SPANISH” includes multiple packs ranging from animals to the human body, each containing 15-30 crisp images. A few packs are available for free while the others are unlockable for a minor fee.