My Aviary: Bird Paradise

DMagic Games
Android 5+


Welcome to the Aviary World! My Aviary is a unique game that combines the fast pace of idle-clicking gameplay with visually-stunning 3D exploration.

My Aviary is a relaxing escape to a peaceful island that’s growing even when you’re not playing. Watch your sanctuaries grow and explore more than 70 species of birds.


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Product Description

My Aviary combines visually relaxing scenery with bird sounds, calming music and even rainfalls. You’ll also be able to share screenshots of your aviary sanctuary with friends. The camera can rotate 360 degrees and you’ll be able to view every detail in 3D, as you can briefly experience in this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Idle-clicking gameplay. My Aviary features simple idle-clicking gameplay, where you just have to tap to expand your world. Gain vitality with each click and use it to grow your tree and add plants and birds.
  • Explore a living sanctuary. Unlock 3 beautiful island sanctuaries, each revolving around a central tree. Watch that tree thrive and discover more than 70 species of birds that will live in your 3D world.
  • Relaxing environment. You can listen to calming bird sounds and music as your world grows, and watch visual breathtaking 3D scenery from all angles. Unleash rainfalls to help life spread.
  • Share with friends. My Aviary is not only an idle-clicking game, but a way to relax after a stressful day. You can share screenshots of your worlds with friends and invite them to play.

My Aviary is available for free both on iOS and Google Play, so you’re only one tap away from a relaxing experience: