Match the Color

Great Bytes Games
Andriod 2.3+


In Match the Color you must use your visual skills to match the most colors in a 30 seconds timeframe. The whole game area is centered around a color wheel that has a changing color in the middle.

Use the outer circle to pick the color that matches best with the center one and based on how close the matching is you get points.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Unique Color Match Gameplay. The game will show a randomly generated color in the center of a color wheel. Use a circular slider to pick the color that best matches the center one. The closer the color match, the higher your score will be.
  • Power-ups. Earn points after each game and use those to buy power-ups. You’ll be able to extend the playable time (by default you have 30 seconds), get hints showing the target color’s best match or skip a round.
  • Minimalist design. “Match the Color” features a minimalist design with clean graphics and lots of colors, as expected. Combined with great soundtrack and play sounds, it creates a perfect play atmosphere.
  • Achievements & Leaderboard. Unlock up to 9 achievements, from playing a certain number of rounds or collecting a certain number of points to making a perfect color match. You can also compare your highscore with those of friends to see who’s better at color matching.

“Match the Color” is better with friends! Invite them to see which one gets the best color matches and the highest score. The game is free with only some minor in-app purchases.