Lulaj 1

IBE - Robert Bylicki
Andriod 2.3 and up+


Lulaj 1 is an app that helps users improve their everyday lives by listening to isochronic and binaural tracks.

These sound waves were created based on years of experience in this field with the purpose of guiding the brain into desired frequencies (e.g. Delta for deep sleep, high Alpha for more focus and creativity, theta for meditation etc.).

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Product Description

Lulaj 1 can be used successfully to learn more easily, lower anxieties/distress levels, better coping with stress, better psychological and physical well-being, meditate, get into sleep, relax, plus many other improvements.

Main Features:

  • Listen to Isochronic & Binaural Tracks. Lulaj 1 will help you manage your positive attitude with professionally created beats. These selected sound waves and impulses help improve your brain activity. There are 48 free isochronic & binaural tracks with up to 134 more in the PRO version.
  • Multiple Life Categories for Tracks. All tracks are grouped in 15 different categories based on various life emotions, from Anxiety and Addiction to Motivation and Insomnia. Find tracks that help you sleep better & deeper, learn easier, relax and dozens more that help with any state you’re in.
  • Playlists and favorites. Each track can be marked as favorite to access later from a special menu link. You can also create your own playlist with the particular tracks you want to listen.
  • Multi-language interface. Lulaj 1 is available in 7 different languages and has a simple interface that helps you navigate fast through categories to pick the track you want.

Lulaj 1 is available for free on Google Play and also offers a PRO version that unlocks even more tracks.