LifeSign: Family Locator

LifeSign: Family Locator

LifeSign: Family Locator

Android 4.0.3+


If you are a parent your kids' safety is the no. 1 priority and that can be tricky if you don't always know where they are. So if you've worried at least once about their location, LifeSign is the perfect app for you.

LifeSign is the ultimate family locator app that uses precise GPS tracking to let you know the whereabouts of your family members and friends. It offers you total control with advanced customizations and all for a price you cannot beat, FREE.

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Product Description

Tracking your kid is now child’s play. All you need is a number and a mobile phone!

Tracing the location of your kids or other family members is now a child’s play with LifeSign, as all you need is a smartphone. LifeSign allows you to see their precise location on a map, when they used their phones, what activities they’re doing (i.e. walking, in a car), weather predictions for their location, battery levels and much more. Of course, with the consent and approval of your family member – knowing precisely all these details give you peace of mind and help you worry less.

Main features:

  • Proximity, area & city notifications. Using the map you can set up an area and give it a name (i.e. Home) and this way you’ll be notified whenever one of your tracked family members enters/exits that area. You can do the same on a smaller scale by just setting up close proximity notifications, or on a bigger scale by setting up city notifications (i.e. when they enter/exit a city).
  • Weather monitor. Based on the location where your family member is you can receive weather notifications when that changes. So for instance if it starts snowing you can be notified and you can go as through as setting up temperature levels below which you get an alert.
  • Activity monitoring. As long as your family member has their phone on you will know based on their current speed what activity they are doing. You’ll see when they walk, run or drive – especially useful for monitoring your teenage children.
  • Battery level alerts. If the battery on the phone of your child drops below a certain level you get an alert and this way you remember to charge it. If they’re not close to you call and tell them to charge it, you’ll also be able to check if they tell the truth as you’ll see the status (charging/discharging).
  • Ringer & signal strength notifications. When the smartphone is switched to Vibrate/Silent you’ll be notified too, so they cannot “silence” you that easy. Lastly, if the quality of the signal changes you’ll get notifications too.
  • Highly customizable. Every notification in LifeSign can be customized so that you decide together with your child what their smartphones should share with you – a bit of negotiation helps gain trust both ways.
  • Unlimited notifications. You can set up unlimited notifications, so there’s no limit on how many family members you can track.
  • Battery friendly. LifeSign is battery friendly and in average it will only consume less than 2%.
  • Call/text family members. You can call or send an SMS to family & friends right from LifeSign, letting them know that you are ok (or asking how they are, depending who’s being tracked).
  • Navigate. You can use LifeSign to navigate using a highly customizable map to the location of your family member and even check their nearby places.


LifeSign is truly the ultimate family locator and relies heavily on notifications rather than having you check the phone to see your family members’ status. Install LifeSign and start tracking your loved ones, the less you worry, the better your relationship with them will be!