Lemon Ball

Android 4.0+


Ready for a game of foosball? Meet Lemon Ball, a simple Arcade game that brings the core of foosball gaming onto your smartphone or tablet.

Pick a player (from multiple ones), choose the type of ball (lemon is the favorite!) and field, and then start the game. Tap to rotate your player and hit the ball at the right angle to try and score against your opponent. Choose to control 1 player or up to 3 at once to make things more challenging.

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Product Description

Game Features:

  • Mobile foosball gameplay. Lemon Ball has a very simple gameplay, based on the popular table football game. The goal is to score goals against your opponent, by rotating your player and hitting a continuously moving ball.
  • Customize your game. You can pick from multiple playable characters, choose a type of ball and even from multiple play fields. You can literally play with a lemon as a ball, or choose a regular one.
  • Tournaments. You can play the game endlessly against the AI, or choose the tournament mode. You’ll be able to play multiple rounds and see who wins, you or the AI.
  • Easy controls. Your players can rotate or briefly bounce to hit the ball. Use the left/right rotate arrows to control or just by tapping. You can control from 1 to 3 different players at once.
  • Arcade graphics. Enjoy graphics that will remind retro-nostalgics of the good’ol days of gaming. With a strong Arcade touch, Lemon Ball is the perfect pick-up-and-play game.