Korean Sharing App

Korean Sharing App

Korean Sharing App

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Did you know that the Korean language has letters composed of a combination of lines and circles only? Did you know that its 3 main vowels represent the sky, the Earth and man? Or that its 3 consonants are derived from the mouth, lips and tongue in forming their sounds?

This makes the Korean language a beautiful one and now’s your chance of learning it.

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Product Description

Korean Sharing is an app that helps you send messages in Korean to your friends. Don’t worry, you can send messages in Korean with an attached English translation to be sure you (and your friends) understand what you are saying. This way you can also learn a bit Korean, while discussing with your Korean friends. You can share text messages in Korean directly to Whatsapp, Line , Kakao Talk, BBM, WeChat and other IM clients.

Furthermore, this app will also allow you to attach a Korean text to a photo before sharing it. Works wonders in sending a love message to your Korean-speaking girlfriend, or a greeting to your Korean-speaking friends.

Main features:

  • Introduction to Korean. You can read a brief introduction to the Korean language and learn about its main characters.
  • Vowels and consonants. The core of the language, you are presented with a list of all the vowels and consonants. Along with their description you can also hear the pronunciation for that particular character.
  • Date & time. A guide on how to write the date and time in Korean. It includes the description of hour/minutes, the Korean public holidays, horoscope and astrology.
  • Send Korean text. The core part of this app is the ability to send Korean text. The text you can send is grouped in 4 categories: Basic sentences (i.e. Hello), Greetings (i.e. Happy New Year), Love messages (i.e. I love you) and Numbers. Just select the text and decide where you want to share it, that simple. Optionally you can choose to display the translated text in English next to the Korean version.
  • Korean photo captions. Want to share a lovely photo with a Korean message attached? Apart from sending text messages in Korean, this app lets you add Korean sentences to any photo and share that with friend(s).

A gram of practice is better than 1 tonne of theory, and this app helps you through the power of practicing to learn Korean. The app is available for free on Google Play.