JEFIT: Workout Tracker

Jefit Inc.
November 21, 2015
Andriod 4.0.3+


Our goal was to make the simplest solution for recording and logging workouts, and JEFIT does just that.

With it you can easily track workouts and progress, create routines or access the largest exercise database, manage your stats and synchronize your data.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make JEFIT your most valuable workout motivation companion:

  • Easy to Use. JEFIT helps you focus on your actual workout by providing very simple interactions. It preloads data based on your history, lets you save gym logs with a single tap and auto-starts timer. Forget pen and paper, just stick to your goal and let JEFIT handle the rest.
  • Workout Planner. Set your goals and start building custom fitness plans to help you improve your health or get in shape. If you don’t want a custom routine you can download one from the thousands of free routines available in our community. From intensive bodybuilding exercises to lighter home routines, JEFIT gives you access to over 1300+ detailed and animated exercises.
  • Help from Friends. Boost your motivation by connecting with your friends via JEFIT. Share your progress and even compare stats with friends or other community members. You can also communicate with them to receive feedback, tips or even the encouragements you need to stay focused.
  • Powerful Analytics. Analyze your progress with advanced personalized reports to see your improvements. From body stats to goal charts you’ll be able to delve into your workout logs to see what you can do to motivate yourself on pushing past previous records.
  • Workouts in the Cloud. With JEFIT all your data is synchronized so your training plans, logs, progress and anything else is accessible to all your devices via a secure cloud connection (iPhone, Android and web access). It also works in offline mode if you don’t have an Internet connection.

A glimpse of how JEFIT works is presented here:

Best of all, JEFIT is available for free thus there’s nothing standing in your way to set and outperform workout goals.