InstaPrice: Add Price to Photo

InstaPrice: Add Price to Photo

InstaPrice: Add Price to Photo

Andriod 4.0.3+


InstaPrice is an app that allows you to easily snap a photo, add a price caption in 2 different currencies, and share it via your social networks.

With InstaPrice you can photograph anything that you can attach a price to (old items, cars, houses, …), add a price caption and share those via Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or other social networks where photos attract clicks.

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Product Description

Here are the main features that make InstaPrice the no. 1 choice for adding photo captions with pricing:

  • Easy photo captions with prices. Snap a photo, choose a template and add pricing in two different currencies – in a few seconds your photo is ready to be shared. You can price your photos in Euro and show USD as a secondary currency for example.
  • Material design style. InstaPrice features a very clean material design look that helps you interact with it faster. It comes with up to 90 photo covers that look amazing and help you create professionally-framed photos.
  • Instant photo sharing. Once pricing is displayed you can also add geo-location and share them via your social accounts. This way the photos can be quickly shared via Instagram, with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or SMS/MMS/Email.
  • Multiple currencies. Pricing can be displayed in two different currencies and you can even set a desired default currency. All subsequent photos will show that as the main currency, with the option to round up converted amounts.

No matter what you want to sell on the Internet with InstaPrice it is as easy as taking the photo, writing down the price and sharing it. Forget about garage sales, with InstaPrice it’s all one click away from being sold. InstaPrice is available for free on Google Play.