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Product Description

Horse Race & Bet is the ultimate virtual horse racing & betting simulator. The excitement comes from playing against other real online players to see who can climb up faster on the ladder of Horse-Race millionaires.

Build your own race team by hiring the best jockeys you can afford and acquire powerful horses to compete against your friends or other players. Bet wisely on races after thoroughly analyzing each team’s stats & track record and unlock new betting leagues.

Main features:

  • Betting & Racing Simulator. Join thousands online players in a realistic horse racing & betting simulator. Analyze stats for each team and place your bets to win big or lose miserably. Build your own race team to compete for money.
  • 2 Game Modes. You can play the game in 2 modes, the Betting game or the Racing one. There are different betting leagues and races to unlock as you play. In both game modes you will watch a virtual horse race, each team competing on a different row.
  • Build your perfect team. Create Horse-Jockey teams and race with up to 5 other online players. Choose from 8 different horses and jockeys, each with different attributes. The more money you make, the more powerful horses & skilled jockeys you can buy!
  • Online and Offline Bets. Play Online bets every 10 minutes, Offline bets can be played anytime.
  • Leaderboards. The ultimate goal is to win big in either betting or racing and climb up the leaderboards. Join the Millionaire Club and challenge your friends to see who’s better at this game.